Colorificio Citran high decoration - Colors, paintings for the decoration of inner and external to Treviso Italy
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  Description: Silicalce is grassello of natural mineral lime of a long seasoning, diffusive for inner and external antimildew, transpirent antibacterial. Pigmented with natural products. Particularly indicated on plaster civil, old and new masonries of a sure prestige. The product is stabilized with points out special to the aim to render optimal yields is in the working is in its chemical-physical qualities.  
Application :this color is for inner that external. To accurately clean up the support, first hand of rasatura in order to prepare the bottom with frattazzo, second hand compressing with force and intercrossing frattazzo the more times until obtaining a smooth surface and polishes. For the polishing it is not necessary to insist too much in the passages.
application  of the product with frattazzo
Colors : this is the range Silicalce colors

601 602 603 604 605 606 607 608 609 610
  the represented inks are pure indicative
    it returns to the products
 high decoration
They are the 4 innovationes of the colorificio: Bramante ancient honor
Velawall the airframe
Silicalce the grassello of natural lime
The Quartzes veneti
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