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  Description: the Veneti Quartzes are an airframe antiquated with colored natural sands, are a natural product of easy application. Rich of effects policromati to us, reservoir to the ability and the originality of the applicator the obtained final effect. The product is odorless, being in watery dispersion does not introduce some harmful. Adapted to superficial inner and external, to solutions varied with inventiveness and new approaches chromium plated to us. Through the intercrossed drawing up to paint-brush an antiquated effect to imitation of the encausto is obtained traditional. One selection of inks pastel from the traditional tones and the ancient transparencies. For its characteristics the Veneti Quartzes are usable universal on superficial several.  

Application: painting adapted is for inner that external. To stir coloring with bottom Veneti Quartzes in order to obtain the wished color. To clean up accurately the surface to deal, to apply one etch primer; after 8 hours the paint-brush is applied to the finish Veneti Quartzes intercrossing.


Colors : this is the range colors Veneti Quartzes

701 702 703 704 705 706 707 708 709 710
  the represented inks are pure indicative  
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  high decoration
Veneti Quartzes
They are the 4 innovationes of the colorificio: Bramante ancient honor
Velawall the airframe
Silicalce the grassello of natural lime
The Quartzes veneti
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