Decorations to high level Colorificio Citran high decoration - Colors, paintings for the decoration of inner and external to Treviso Italy


A complete range of colors and tonality, ecological why all the products are to water base! Innovated to you in their formulations, of easy application therefore particularly it indicates you to you make from you. Who wants to realize new acclimatizations and to recreate ancient atmospheres, finds in these products the synthesis of the perfection. Simplicity and universality in the applications why adapted to whichever type of surface.

Colorificio Citran the rediscover one of Ancient Emotions!

line high decoration line paintings
Line High decoration Line Paintings
They are the 4 innovationes of the colorificio: Bramante ancient honor
Velawall the airframe
Silicalce the grassello of natural lime
The Quartzes veneti
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