Decorations to high level Colorificio Citran high decoration - Colors, paintings for the decoration of inner and external to Treviso Italy

The colorificio Citran is born in earth veneta in 1957. It objects to you primary of the company always have been the development and the search of products innovated to you. The acquired experience in the years the cue drawn from old formulations and the continuous one wants to improve is to the base of the colorificio Citran. In years ' 90 new productive unit structured with systems comes constructed to Vacil of Breda di Piave (TV) one technologically to the vanguard in order to make forehead to the demands for the more and more numerous customers and demanding.
The happened one of the colorificio Citran is the fruit of a serious and continuous job joined to inventiveness dowries and genius in the formulation of new products. The widening of the already immense range of products for the restoration and the continuous qualitative evolution above all places the company in a national panorama for the products of high decoration.

The productive unit of Vacil di Breda Treviso (Colorificio Citran)
  Citran workings of the colors   Citran workings of the colors  
They are the 4 innovationes of the colorificio: Bramante ancient honor
Velawall the airframe
Silicalce the grassello of natural lime
The Quartzes veneti
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