Colorificio Citran high decoration - Colors, paintings for the decoration of inner and external to Treviso Italy
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  Description: ancient decoration that reproduces an ancient one plaster I semipolish with a natural and ecological product in watery solution. Is an application system constituted from a pigmented bottom to base water that conforms the surface to deal giving the just assorbed to the system, and from a special semicovering finish paste, that it realizes an ancient decoration with a delicate clouds of infinite shadings thanks to a tintometric system.  
Application : painting adapted is for inner that external. To clean up accurately the surface to deal. To apply a Coveting etch primer and to make to slide 8 hours to the aim to make to dry the system. The Coveting bottom homogenous white man and exalts the maximum effect of contrast, for this represents the ideal condition. Chosen the color wished of Coveting through the tintometric system, to decorate with the appropriate paint-brush to movements of brush alternated in one direction on one surface of 2-3 mq. Minuteren passed 5-10 to smooth down Coveting vanishing with the special one spato it the ancient honor to the aim to obtain a fantastic reproduction of plaster of age.    
  special paint-brush coveting  
Amitare the encausto: Encausto is a Greek word that it means to burn. In the decoration it indicates one technical in which the colors miscelano with natural products for means of heat, in practical it is a honor where the main binder is natural. Therefore Coveting door one extraordinary ancient imitation adding to dry product on the surface one veiled of neutral wax.
Colors : this is the Coveting range colors

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  the represented inks are pure indicative
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 high decoration
They are the 4 innovationes of the colorificio: Bramante ancient honor
Velawall the airframe
Silicalce the grassello of natural lime
The Quartzes veneti
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